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Electronic warfare & cyber technologies

Controlling the electromagnetic spectrum is a core component of any non-kinetic arsenal. Using focused energy to support offensive capabilities or to obscure, disable or confound an adversary, our Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies cluster provides the backbone of modern defence and security systems.

We also provide a vast array of education, assessment and training platforms to enhance the skills of today’s intelligence professionals. As threat profiles becomes more asymmetric, it is vital that governments train elite cadres of forces in the skills and strategic knowledge needed to succeed in any modern national security environment.

Services & solutions

The company has a team of specialists who have special knowledge, skills and experience as well as modern technology which is important for the maintenance and development of military equipment and weapons. We also provide technical support and training of military pilots.

Electronic warfare threat detection

Electronic warfare threat suppression

Electronic warfare threat neutralisation

EM-field security training

Intelligence training